The Nano5 consumes less power and produces a comparable light output while reducing the size & cost. With a highly competitive price point for the features and benefits offered, the new high-performance, 4.8W LED lighting products are designed to have mass market appeal and are suitable for a variety of uses in domestic applications.

Inceptor® Nano5

There are two models available - Inceptor® Nano5 Fixed and Inceptor® Nano5 Adjustable, which allows the luminaire to be moved and directed to where the light is needed. They each feature a compact, high-powered driver which is designed to be as small as possible whilst remaining suitable for installation in a fire rated ceiling. As the smaller of the two, Inceptor® Nano5 Fixed is designed for a 60mm cut out and will fit into a recess depth of just 45mm, while the Adjustable version is designed for a 75mm cut out, with a recess depth fitting of 54mm.

Features & Benefits

Both Inceptor® Nano5 Fixed and Adjustable products come pre-wired to a FlowTM Connector, Scolmore’s quick-connect system that is designed to speed up installation and allow for faster removal for testing and replacement of components. Our trademark blue strip of intumescent adds an extra barrier of protection against fire by expanding to fill the gap between the plasterboard and the light fitting. Inceptor® Nano5 offers a 30, 60, and 90 minute fire rating, and is acoustic and airflow compliant.

  • Shallow recess depth with a powerful SMD light source, paired with a 40° Multi-faceted, Halogen-effect lens for exceptional light quality.

  • Newly designed, dependable and independently verified fire-rated structures, combined with trademark intumescent band ensures maximum safety in the event of a fire.

  • The Nano5 features a high IP rating making it suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

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