Definity Complete provides the installer with a complete all in one solution. A comprehensive range of cover plates and inserts supplied complete under one code. Available in 7 assorted finishes.

Metal Black
Matt Black
Metal White
Brushed Steel
Stainless Steel
Polished Chrome

Definity Complete Product Codes

Plate Finishes:
PW White, MW Metal White, BK Matt Black, MB Metal Black.

Ingot Plate Finishes:
BS Brushed Stainless, CH Polished Chrome, SS Stainless Steel.

Insert Colour:
PW White, BK Black, GY Grey.

Non ingot only available with matching insert colour (ie MB finish has BK insert).
Grey inserts not available with Chrome finishes.
Matt Black and Metal Black plates are supplied with black inserts and moulded black BK switches.

Modular Switch Plates

All Definity Complete switch plates are modular as standard, allowing you to create virtually any switch plate you require. The MiniGrid modules are all easily and quickly exchanged or mounted onto unfurnished plates by means of a simple single screw fixing.

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