The smart choice for domestic lighting

Marie Parry, marketing director at Scolmore Group, looks at how consumer demand is driving the smart lighting revolution in new homes.

The way we use lighting is changing. Digital technology is now crossing over with lighting and the smart lighting revolution is seeing fittings being turned into smart devices and these can then be used to monitor and control our environments. As the smart technology market continues to flourish bringing this technology to an ever-increasing audience of consumers - so the domestic end user is becoming savvy to the cost- and energy-saving properties that connected devices offer. As a result more and more new homes are incorporating smart controls and home automation as standard.

The control of lighting is becoming expected as standard to a whole new demographic that previously thought of home automation systems and connected devices as something solely for the wealthy. They see it not just as a means of controlling energy usage inside and outside the home, but also providing the ability to create zones and scenes throughout the home. Home lighting is increasingly being seen as a lifestyle element that can be programed to fit a household’s requirements. Scene controls or scene settings allow the illumination of an area based on the lighting needs and activities undertaken there. This means different options can be set up for different times of day, for example a good strong light for ‘reading’ and small table lamps for ‘watching TV’.

Scolmore’s recently launched Click Smart Box is one example of how easily lighting and appliances can be controlled from a smart phone or tablet, via a downloaded APP.

Designed with simplicity in mind, it can be easily integrated into a new installation and just requires broadband connection. The Click Smart Box simply plugs into the broadband router via an Ethernet port and the App downloaded. Set-up couldn’t be more straightforward, with the App guide taking you seamlessly through the process, enabling the customisation of a home automation system to suit a homeowner’s particular requirements - providing extra security, energy saving, comfort and control.

Comprising three basic components, Click Smart Box, RF Receivers and a Smart Phone, the system is a high end, professional one which is very competitively priced. It can be installed from scratch on a brand new build and it enables automation via phone for the whole family.

Critical information is stored within the Smart Box, not the phone, making it easy if a phone needs to be upgraded or other users added - without affecting the settings. With all the settings stored on the Smart Box, there is no need to programme and install all the elements onto each individual phone. Multiple users can use the system to control their home.  

With the App downloaded, it will take you through the various set up stages – adding and naming rooms; adding each element (an element is the individually controlled receiver e.g. for on/off, dimmer or shutters) and finally, scene setting. This brings the required, separate elements into one group to create a scene – e.g. for film watching, listening to music or creating ambience in a bar or restaurant. There is also the ability to set schedules, which means that various elements can be created and activated at particular times to suit. An example would be to set a schedule to mimic home occupancy when the occupants are away from home for added security.

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