TESTED: Scolmore Inceptor Evo Bulkhead Luminaire

What attracted you to the product in the first place?
I’ve been looking for a quality LED bulkhead luminaire to replace some existing 28W fittings on a commercial job and, having seen the demonstration video, I was impressed with many of the features that the Inceptor Evo promised.

What were your first impressions of the unit?
The product looks stylish but, thanks to the impact-resistant polycarbonate body, doesn’t compromise on toughness. The luminaire is certainly larger than standard bulkheads I’ve come across, but infinitely more manageable than 28W circular fluorescents.

How easy was it to install and operate?
Good quality instructions are provided with the product and I found both the luminaire and bulkhead very simple to install. The addition of a four-pole Flow connector enables quick and efficient wiring and makes future maintenance hassle-free. Cable entry can be achieved from all four directions at 90Ëš angles, or from the rear.

The surface mount adaptor ring can be easily removed to allow the fitting to be semi-recess mounted, while a pre-wired driver is also included, making for a fiddly-free experience. For flush fitting into ceiling panels the ‘skirt’ can be sprung out; this is also required for fitting into the cast aluminium shell with the various patterns of cover.

Were there any features and benefits that particularly stood out?
The Flow connector is clearly a stand-out item as I’ve not seen anything of this type on similar products and it really does help cut down the installation time. The fitting can also be twisted and locked onto the base in no time.

I was additionally impressed with the light quality, with the staggering array of LEDs (it can contain as many as 170)
capable of achieving up to 1,370 lumens and providing a consistent spread of light.

What type of applications can the product be used for?
Designed for ceilings or walls, the Inceptor Evo can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as bathrooms, standard commercial false ceiling installations and security lighting (though LED floods is still my own preference for this). It’s available in two designs – circular and eyelid – and incorporates four modes of operation to suit the specific application.

Would you recommend the product to other electricians?
Very much so! If you’re looking for a product that has some great features to aid installation and maintenance, as well as providing a quality light output within building interiors and exteriors on commercial/industrial sites, then I’d recommend you try the Inceptor Evo for size.

Article can be viewed here: http://professional-electrician.com/features/tested-scolmore-inceptor-evo-bulkhead-luminaire/


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