Smart LED tape Controller added to ClickSmart+ range

Scolmore continues to develop its ClickSmart+ home automation range and has introduced a new Smart RGBW LED Tape Controller – a wireless control solution that allows you to control LED tape lighting whenever and wherever you are via the ClickSmart+ app.

The Smart LED Tape Controller can be used with the ClickSmart+ app to create a wide range of lighting effects to suit the mood or occasion required.  There are three different modes available – White, Colour and Music.  White mode allows control of the brightness of the LED tape, while with the Colour (RGB) mode you can choose any colour to create a range of lighting effects.  With the ClickSmart+ app open and set to ‘Music’ the LED tape will change colour with the music. The new controller also offers dimming and saturation adjustment features to help create the right light setting at all times of the day.

The Smart LED Tape Controller is compatible with all current Ovia LED Tape variants and requires the ClickSmart+ Hub (sold separately).  To use, simply connect the Smart Controller to the LED Tape and start controlling the lighting in every room by app or voice control.  By connecting ClickSmart+ to your existing Google Home devices or linking your Alexa smart speaker, you can control the LED tape lighting by voice control.

Ovia has produced a brochure which can be downloaded from the ClickSmart+ website –

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