Scolmore launches Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack

In the light of the Grenfell tragedy, the need for stringent fire safety measures continues to be a focus, and building owners, councils and landlords all have a duty to ensure the properties they are responsible for meet the very latest safety standards. This has led to the growing requirement to install wired smoke detectors in residential buildings.

This can give rise to problems as lighting circuits with a switched live will not always have a permanent feed at the light fitting, which creates a problem when it comes to adding another device such as a smoke detector. The result is increased labour, plus mess and disruption to the décor in order to run additional cable to get the permanent live feed where it is needed.

As it continues to develop innovative products to address common problems that installers encounter on a daily basis, Scolmore has come up with a solution to this problem with its new Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack. This provides a retrofit smart solution to allow independent control of the lighting circuit, whilst still supplying a smoke detector with constant power.

Part of the Click Smart wiring accessories range the Switch Supply to Permanent Conversion Pack is supplied in a handy boxed unit which contains all the components required - 1 x RFSAI-61B Switching Receiver, 1 x RFIM – 40B Battery Transmitter, 1 x CMA401 Unfurnished MiniGrid Plate, and 1 x MD004W 10x Retractive Module.

This solution eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly channelling and potential lifting of floorboards for access and then the necessary effort to restore everything back to normal. Simply replace the switch that is currently there with the retractive switch and wire in the RFSAI-61B and RFIM-40B to the retractive switch and light. This will facilitate the ability for a permanent live supply to a smoke detector whilst retaining control of the existing light fitting.

As well as adding a smoke detector, the conversion pack can be used to provide a solution where emergency lighting is required. Incorporating RFSAI-61B will facilitate the ability for a permanent live supply to power an emergency light whilst retaining control of an existing light fitting. A key switch can also be incorporated to allow for emergency light periodic testing.

The launch of the new Switch Supply to Conversion Pack is the latest addition to Scolmore’s Click Smart boxed solutions, which are designed to take every day installation problems and provide quick and easy answers that will save time and money.

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