Scolmore introduces cutting-edge integrated LED downlight

Scolmore continues to develop its Inceptor range of integrated lighting products and its latest version, Inceptor Omni, brings to market a new and improved fire-rated downlight that combines existing technology with a number of cutting edge features – all at a highly competitive price.

Flexibility and ease of installation were the major considerations in the design of the Inceptor Omni and key features are an adjustable colour temperature switch - allowing the selection of colour temperatures to suit the installation; interchangeable fixed and adjustable bezels; and an insulation support clip for use when insulation is present. It is this combination of features that Scolmore believes will position Inceptor Omni as unique in the marketplace.

Colour temperature switch – the Omni features a built-in, three position switch which allows for instant change of the colour temperature. In utilising the latest Chip On Board COB LED lighting technology, Scolmore has taken the benefits of an LED light source and using a faceted front lens, has modified the single point of light to give a dichroic effect, resulting in a halogen type illumination. This is generally regarded within the industry to be the most popular type of lighting effect.

Bezel options – with each Inceptor Omni there is the option for either a fixed or adjustable bezel. The Omni comes with the fixed bezel as standard in the desired finish and there are three finishes available - White, Chrome and Satin Chrome. A simple twist and lock feature means the bezel can be quickly and easily replaced as required. 

Insulation Support Clip – the removable insulation support clip fixes directly onto the Omni. This means that insulation is lifted away from the unit, maintaining a minimum air space and helping to dissipate any heat generated. The lowering of the temperature around the fitting can extend the life of the unit. 

Along with these unique, new attributes, Inceptor Omni retains all the features and benefits that have made the original Inceptor products so popular among specifiers, architects and contractors. It incorporates Scolmore’s award-winning FlameGuard system technology, offering a 30, 60, and 90 minute fire rating, and is acoustic and airflow compliant. Its high powered compact driver allows it to be fitted into a recess depth of just 65mm. It features the Flow Connector, Scolmore’s pre-wired connection system that is designed to speed up installation and to allow even faster removal for testing and replacement of components. The company’s trademark blue strip of intumescent adds an extra barrier of protection against fire by expanding to fill the gap between the plasterboard and the light fitting.

Inceptor Omni features improved ingress protection ratings with the fixed bezel now IP65-rated and the adjustable bezel with an IP54 rating. This makes it ideal for use in situations where moisture and low pressure water jets are a factor such as kitchen, bathroom and wet room installations.

Part L compliant, Inceptor Omni comes with a 5 year extended warranty, when registered online.

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