Scolmore goes above and beyond with new Safety Socket range

Scolmore has launched a brand-new range of Safety Sockets, which have been designed to exceed the required safety standards, and offer the ultimate electrical protection across a range of applications including healthcare, social housing and school installations.

This latest new product development is the result of increasing demand from specification teams working on domestic and commercial projects where improved safety features are beneficial, such as hospitals, schools and nurseries.

The sockets have been designed to feature a modified safety shutter operation, which means that it cannot be operated using only one terminal. The standard shutter on conventional sockets is spring loaded and it is moved when the angled section in the earth terminal is pushed down. This can be operated by any foreign object, for example a screw driver. Once the earth is engaged, there is unobstructed access to the live and neutral connections, which makes it very easy to gain access to potentially live terminals

With Scolmore’s new Safety Socket, the safety shutter cannot be operated using only one terminal - it requires correct insertion of all three pins of a standard UK plug. It includes several design features intended to help prevent any improper use:

Split earth with upper stopping barrier - the shutter cannot move until the earth pin is engaged. The shutter is tapered around the earth terminal and this angled shape causes the shutter to split and rise as the Earth pin is inserted. Unlike the standard shutter, engaging the earth terminal only, will not allow access to the live and neutral terminals. Locating tabs on the shutter – these sit above the live and neutral apertures and slot onto the inner face of the plate, and prevent the shutter from moving upwards. For the shutter to move, these need to be pushed back away from the plate by the live and neutral pins. This then allows the shutter to move upwards only, allowing the plug to fit correctly into the socket. This only works if the earth pin is already correctly engaged The shutter is spring loaded. Removing the plug will cause the shutter to return to its original fixed position. Double pole switching as standard, with twin/clean earth available.

All products in the range have been independently tested and verified to conform with BS1363 – 13 A plugs, sockets-outlets, adaptors and connection units.

The new Safety Sockets range comprises 1 gang versions, 2 gang inboard rockers and 2 gang outboard rockers and they are currently available in Scolmore’s Mode, Part M, POLAR and Metal Clad ranges.

All Mode and Part M Safety Sockets are Antimicrobial Certified products and are covered by Scolmore’s 20 year guarantee against any fault in materials or manufacture.

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