New Wiring Accessories to Weather the Storm

Scolmore Group is expanding its wiring accessories offer with the introduction of a range of durable, easy-to-install weatherproof boxes designed to offer a high level of protection against ingress of water jets and dust.

Launched under the trade name Aquip66, the range comprises one and two gang double pole switched socket enclosures, plus one and two-gang, two-way switch plates which all come as completely sealed units and are supplied in a choice of furnished and unfurnished options.

Building on Scolmore’s reputation for supplying quick and flexible solutions, the IP66-rated weatherproof socket and switch enclosures offer users a single fix installation - with the whole of the back box fixing to the wall to accommodate the socket or modules.  Multiple knock-outs on each side (20mm) allow for entry from all angles, and a flexible rubber base with rear entry gasket provides extra weatherproof protection, as well as allowing for mounting on most types of uneven surfaces.

The sockets and switches can be purchased as empty unfurnished boxes or furnished with the appropriate socket or switch modules.  A spring loaded lid makes for easy access and the units are also lockable which safeguards them against tampering, as well as allowing for safe isolation.

The range is supplied in anthracite grey, with its robust construction providing high-impact resistance and it is UV protected against fading.  The versatility of the range means the units can be used for a wide range of wiring accessories including Fused Connection Units and Isolation Switches. 

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