New Single Width SPD added to Elucian consumer unit range

Scolmore continues to expand its Elucian by Click consumer unit range to provide electricians with the broadest possible range of units and protective devices to cater for all installation requirements. With SPDs now mandatory for domestic and commercial premises, Scolmore has added a new single width, double pole SPD to the Elucian range. 

This new slimline version of the existing 2 Pole, Type 2 SPD in a single 18mm module width, comes supplied with the following tails as standard:

-              230mm Live Tail

-              230mm Neutral Tail

-              400mm Earth Tails 

The existing Elucian 2 Pole Type 2 SPDs are a twin size module (36mm) taking up two ways inside a consumer unit. The development of the new single width module (18mm) means that for all installations where an SPD is required, an extra space is gained within the consumer unit as they now only take up one way inside.

It is less than two years since Scolmore entered the consumer unit market with a comprehensive range of metal consumer units and the range has been proving hugely popular with installers. The initial product line up was expanded a year ago to incorporate a number of SPD populated units. Elucian Switch-Disconnector Units and Combination Units were made available with SPDs pre-installed, giving installers greater flexibility when working on a range of projects. The addition of the new single width SPD demonstrates Scolmore’s commitment to continue to develop the highly successful Elucian by Click range for the benefit of installers and wholesalers alike.

SPDs (Surge Protective Devices) are used to protect the electrical installation, which consists of the consumer unit, wiring and accessories, from electrical power surges known as transient overvoltages. They are also used to protect sensitive electronic equipment connected to the installation, such as computers, televisions, washing machines and safety circuits, such as fire detection systems and emergency lighting. Equipment with sensitive electronic circuitry can be vulnerable to damage by transient overvoltages.

The Elucian brochure showcases all the latest additions to the range and can be downloaded from the website - – as well as the Scolmore Group app.

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