New Converter Plates for Scolmores Inceptor Range

Scolmore has added a range of converter plates for its Inceptor Omni fire-rated downlight. Made from pressed stainless steel and available in three finishes - white, chrome and satin chrome - the plates will cover a hole up to 120mm, making them ideal for replacing larger downlights.

The downlight is simply installed into the converter plate by lifting the springs and when the light fitting is sitting evenly on the converter plate, the assembled fitting is ready to install into the ceiling as normal, by lifting the springs

The new converter plate will also house Scolmore’s Inceptor Pico, Inceptor Pico FG and Inceptor Nano Adjustable downlights.

Launched last year, Inceptor Omni offers a range of cutting edge features for a highly competitive price point. Key features are an adjustable colour temperature switch - allowing the selection of colour temperatures to suit the installation; interchangeable fixed and adjustable bezels; and an insulation support clip for use when insulation is present. It is this combination of features that Scolmore believes positions Inceptor Omni as unique in the marketplace.

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