Latest SMD LED technology

Scolmore International continues to develop its Energetic low energy lighting offer, with the addition of a brand new collection of LED lamps that incorporate the very latest SMD (surface mounted diode) technology.

There are two new ranges - SMD Economy and SMD Performance - each designed to bring to the market lower cost, superior quality LED lamps.

SMD’s are the new generation of LED lighting enabling manufacturers to produce lamps that offer a better quality light output, are more affordable and continue to offer the significant energy savings that we have come to associate with LED technology.

Because the SMD LED’s are very small, they have very low current requirements and therefore will produce little heat and this eliminates the need for them to be mounted on a heatsink to draw the heat away.

A total of ten new lamps make up Scolmore’s new SMD LED lighting range, all benefitting from instant warm up time and a mercury-free content.

Designed to offer good quality LED’s at affordable prices, the SMD Economy collection comprises six lamps including 2W and 4W LED’s, (equivalent to 15, 20 and 25 wattage) and each offering a lifespan of 15,000 hours. 

With the SMD Performance range, higher light outputs can be achieved which means the lamps are suitable for commercial as well as domestic applications.  There are four lamps in total, covering 4w and 11w (equivalent to 25 and 60 wattage), and they offer a lifespan of 30,000 hours. 

Scolmore believes their SMD LED 11W A60 lamp is the most efficient replacement for the 60W incandescent currently available on the market. Offering 800 lumens on a 11W lamp, this is the equivalent of 72 lumens per circuit watt.

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